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Dilli Village
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Welcome to Dilli Village, Fraser Island

Dilli Village provides guests with cabin accommodation, bunk accommodation, powered and unpowered camp sites. Clean amenities blocks with hot and cold showers are provided for guest comfort. Picnic tables, barbeques and shaded areas enable guests to make the most of outdoor dining and entertaining.


Dilli Village has 5 cabins, comprising of 2 bedrooms. Cabins have a double bed and bunk in one bedroom, with a bunk in the second bedroom. Cabins can sleep up to 5 people and have a toilet, hot and cold showers and kitchenette. 

Kitchenettes include crockery, cutlery, a microwave oven, toaster, kettle and a sink for washing up. Linen may be hired. half cabin accommodation with a double bed is also available.


Dilli Village campsite is an open area campsite with room for differing tent sizes. It is estimated that the site caters for 100 people camping in the grounds. The campsite has access to male and female amenity blocks, picnic and barbecue areas.

Dilli Village has several picnic tables and chairs arranged throughout the camp ground. These tables are perfect for outdoor barbeques and dining. There is also a dining hall with kitchen facilities including crockery and utensils for 60 guests 

The camp ground provides barbeques under shade. A large covered area has been erected near the tent campgrounds.

A freshwater swimming hole is located approximately 25m outside of Dilli Village. The swimming hole is a short walk from any of the Dilli Village accommodation.


Dilli Village has 5 bunkhouses, comprising of 4 rooms each. Each room contains 1 bunk bed and accommodates 2 people. Linen may be hire

Dilli Village, Location

Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island, is located off the south east coast of Queensland.  The island became a World Heritage listed site in 1992.  The Island spans 120 kilometers in length and 22 kilometers across its widest point.    Fraser Island has a subtropical climate with moderate coastal temperatures ranging from 22 o C to 28 o C in December and 14 o C to 21 o C in July.  Rainfall varies across the island, with an annual coastal rainfall of approximately 1200 mm and 1800 mm inland.  The wet season is from January to March with drier months occurring in Winter and Spring.   Peak visitor times for Fraser Island occur during school holidays and long weekends, whereby campgrounds and popular camping sites may become crowded. Dilli Village is located approximately 30 km north of Rainbow Beach on the Eastern coastline of Fraser Island (see map).  Access to Dilli Village is by way of vehicle and vehicle ferry barge or aircraft for ferry travel details click here .  Ferries may be accessed from either Inskip Point  or Hervey Bay.  Travel to Dilli Village is generally made by 4WD access from Inskip Point. Dilli Village holds a great importance for its part in the Fraser Island Great Walk' , which opened in June 2004.  The Great Walk winds 90 km between Dilli Village and Happy Valley and encompasses rainforests, lakes, coloured sands, vast sand dunes, and diverse flora and wildlife.